Surfer, dreamer, thinker, designer, maker, explorer

I often wear many hats, but if there's one common thread running throughout my life it's surfing.

Having started at the age of 8, I've been hooked from the beginning and have enjoyed every part of the journey ā€“ from surfing chocolate brown river mouths in Costa Rica (probably won't do that again šŸŠ šŸ˜¬), trying to build surfboards out of cardboard (it works! sort of...), to living in a tent for 6-months with my now wife traveling around the entire coastline of New Zealand (somehow those 6 hard months convinced her I was a keeper šŸ˜…).

If you like anything or everything surfing, follow along below where I share different stories, tips & tricks, and whatever else my surf journey takes me to next.


šŸ“· @ramboestrada

šŸ“· @ramboestrada


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